About Delnor

For over 30 years, we have provided professional construction services to a wide range of organizations and institutions that are driven to create change and development in their communities. We are proud to have our services reaching across Alberta, serving the construction needs of our valued clients and partnerships we have created within the community.


Delnor was founded in 1983 by two high school friends, Ron Hinz and Ed Cyrankiewicz, who were eager to roll up their sleeves and deliver their promise to any client who would give them an opportunity in the heat of a depressed and failing economy in the early 80’s. With hard work and plenty of foresight, these two apprentice carpenters took on the tough and dirty jobs that nobody else wanted to do, proving their commitment to do whatever it took to retain their clients business. It was in the early years that they learned survival skills on how to function a lean operation amongst highs and lows to better serve our clients and staff.

Delnor has now been providing professional commercial construction services across Alberta for over 30 years. Delnor began with a dedication to the commercial renovations sector and is still committed to renovations with an expanded focus on new construction. Our longstanding reputation has been founded on providing quality workmanship, while maintaining a constant focus and commitment to the relationships we create in the industry and our community.

Contracting a wide range of projects across various industries & regions, Delnor has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the expectations for success, and allow us to deliver each project on time and on budget. Delnor now executes over $195 Million in construction projects annually and is ranked as one of Canada’s Top 40 Contractors.



We are avid supporters of agencies, policies, and organizations that guide the industry standards who are dedicated to improving the overall quality of the construction industry. Delnor takes pride in the confidence that the industry has in us and our network of valued sub-trades that are also committed to high standards and professional development.  

Some of the organizations that we support and to which we belong include: