If we say we will do a job, we will do it. If we say we are going to be somewhere, we are there. This is our commitment to success and our goal to achieve excellence.


Achieving excellence means being committed to all of the components that contribute to our success. At Delnor, our commitment is founded on three specific elements that are of utmost importance to us, our clients and to our industry.


At Delnor, safety isn’t a set of checkboxes on a list – it’s a state of mind. We choose to make safety a part of everything we do at Delnor. We know that our staff, crews, and the communities we are working in deserve our commitment to ensuring a safe work environment.

Delnor’s mission is to create a strong and safe culture where all workers return home safely at the end of each day. Safety and training are key aspects to Delnor’s business, using their ‘Work. Safe. Home.’ motto as a guide. Given that Delnor oversees over 300 projects annually, we are responsible for the health and welfare of a significant workforce. This is why Delnor has a goal of zero incidents, and we are committed to making this outcome a reality.

In addition to mandatory safety training, our staff understands the importance Delnor places on safety and therefore we support our staff to obtain industry standard certifications as well as on-site specific training to promote education of up-to-date best practices. Along with an extensive Health & Safety Program, Delnor is proud to say we’ve maintained a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta.


Sustainable construction practices are not just a preference at Delnor – they have become standard procedures. We have an obligation to preserve the longevity of the world around us and by tailoring our construction methods to include sustainable practices, we know we are working diligently to contribute to a better world for tomorrow.

Delnor is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council and we employ several LEED® certified staff in each of our offices who ensure we are incorporating the right procedures into our methodology: site cleanliness, recycling & responsible waste disposal, dust & infection control, and energy management.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, practicing sustainable construction also allows our clients to benefit from improved safety and reduced costs around energy and waste management.


Delnor’s focus on constantly innovating internal processes and going far beyond client expectations is not limited to the workplace. In accordance with the philosophy of the company founders, Delnor feels giving back to the community is a very important part of the operations. We give back to clients that support us. For example, we were major donor of products and services to the Cross Cancer Institute’s Healing Garden and have supported recent initiatives for initiatives such as YESS Five Day’s for the Homeless at the University of Alberta and the Canstruction Edmonton Event where all cans used to build our structure were donated to food banks in Edmonton and area.

We also have a corporate program for employee engagement in the community where any funds raised at Delnor for an employee-driven initiative is matched corporately by Delnor.

Canstruction Edmonton 2018 - Best Meal & Most Cans Award Winners